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Connect in Web3

Empower social interactions and unlock exclusive perks with NFTs for businesses and individuals.


Experience NFT Convenience Like Never Before

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Easy and Secure Wallet

Sign up with just your email and enjoy a secure Tikki wallet without the need for a mnemonic phrase.

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One-time NFT Verification

Authenticate your NFT assets once, and enjoy a hassle-free experience on the platform.

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Exclusive Perks

Turn your NFTs into Tikki, a ticket to connect in Web3, and unlock special privileges and rewards.

Engage and Understand Your User Effortlessly

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One-stop NFT Management

Create, distribute NFT, and manage user benefits on Tikki platform with ease.

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Streamline NFT verification

Authenticate your customers' NFTs quickly and efficiently.

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Smart Loyalty Programs

Elevate your loyalty programs by leveraging data-driven insights to identify target audiences and cater to their specific needs.

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Customer Loyalty Programs

Maximize your brand's potential with Tikki's NFT membership services.

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Events and Sponsorships

Streamline ticket issuance with Tikki and track sales performance with advanced analytics for targeted   re-marketing.

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Fan Economy

Activate fan economy by providing fans with one-of-a-kind digital assets and privileged experiences, enhancing their connection with creators and brands.

Let’s Change The Way We Interact With Our Customers

Use Tikki to expand your business in Web3

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